Hello Bride and Groom,

Thanks for your interest in A Bride Idea Wedding Events Planning!
Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!

There is no better time to be married than now.  Weddings have never been so exciting and so diverse as they are today!  We would love to help you with planning your wedding.  There are many, many options and ideas that can be unique for your wedding.  We are known for helping plan weddings that reflect the personalities of our brides and grooms.

We are able to offer you all of our great services at any venue you choose!

Being diverse is important.  That's why we are your "one stop wedding shop!"
We can accommodate all your wedding day needs from the Venues, Flowers, Food, Wedding Cakes and Grooms Cakes to guest accommodations.  We can also plan and coordinate everything in your own venue. I can direct your wedding for you which includes your rehearsal night, also.  We are all you need for your wedding day festivities!  I would be so pleased to meet with you for a complimentary consultation to talk with you about your plans and how we can help you. If you would like to make an appointment, our contact numbers are at the bottom of this email.  In addition to the venue, we also offer catering and florist services, and we can arrange to have your Wedding Cake and Groom's Cake done.  We have a sound system and can arrange an orchestra, harpist, photographer, horse and carriage and a wedding-day hairdresser and certified makeup artist, too.  We take care of all your rental items... your chairs, tables, cloths, overlay toppers, everything!

At A Bride Idea we are your:

  • Full Service Wedding Planner/Coordinator/Director (with rehearsal included)
  • Full Service Caterer
  • Full Service Florist
  • Full Rental Service Select Rental Items for Food Servers, Cake Plateaus
  • Full Rental Service for Tablecloths and Overlay Toppers
  • Full Rental Service for Tables and Chairs

We can also supply:

  • Wedding Cakes and Groom's Cakes
  • Minister for Ceremony
  • Licensed Hair Stylist-Hair Dresser
  • Certified Make-Up Artist
  • Horse and Carriage available
  • Orchestra Trio available – 3 piece violins and cello
  • Sound system for your MP3 or Ipod
  • Rooms for the Wedding Party to get dressed
  • Honeymoon night for the Wedding Couple
  • Accommodations for your Wedding Party, families and guests
  • Bride’s Emergency Wedding Day Care Package

We can suggest additional services to add to your wedding experience:
Calligrapher for addressing your wedding invitations and thank you notes

Aside from offering today's Bride the option of using our floral and catering service, we also Rehearse and Direct your wedding.  My Brides can deal with one person about all these services instead of talking with several different people.  When several people are involved, the florist doesn't know what the caterer is doing or what the director is doing or vice versa, so sometimes there are inconsistencies in colors and styles for one thing or another.  Telling one person your plans for all services cuts down on errors and inconsistencies.  I want my Brides to have exactly what they want and I do my best to get that for them.  The convenience of the bride dealing with one person is such a stress and time saver!

REHEARSAL DINNERS, Bridesmaid Luncheons, Showers, etc.
A Bride Idea is able to handle your Rehearsal Dinner and Bridesmaid Luncheon.
Additional functions may include:
Bridal Showers
Wedding Snacks, Wine and Cheese Trays during wedding preparations for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
Wedding Party Weekend Accommodations
Family Weekend Accomodations
Horse and Carraige, Antique Cars or Limosine for departure

One thing we feel is very important in the wedding field today is being certified by the Mississippi State Department of Health.  We use olive oil, not trans-fats and pure vanilla, not imitation.  Using healthier ingredients produces a healthier, tastier end result.  In addition to that, our food is wonderful!  We feel that each dish should be as pretty as it is delicious!  Our dishes are beautifully displayed and we use a variety of silver and crystal, integrating our Victorian and vintage silver containers to best accent your food choices.  No matterwhat the situation, we can make it beautiful, elegant and creative!   We are even able to coordinate some food items with your color scheme for an even more elaborate creative look.

I have been a florist since 1977 and have "married" hundreds of Brides and Grooms. With the other people on my staff, together we have over 50 years combined experience working for you. We LOVE weddings!  Someone who does wedding work must love it to be good at it.  There is a lot of hard work in a short amount of time. Weddings are all about all the details... lots of details!  :)

When I am asked to do a Bride's wedding, first we will talk about all her ideas and how they may work for the areas we offer.  I open a file for her and I ask her to send me pictures of all the ideas she finds online.  (The internet is a great way for today's bride to get ideas to adapt for her wedding.)  I save them to a file and we discuss what she likes about one picture and what she likes about another.  We combine our ideas and end up with the best options for the image she has in mind, producing the custom designed Wedding of her dreams!  It's a mix of ideas with the Bride directing the creativity.

I wanted to offer today's bride someone who can make her wedding day go smoother, easier and stress-free.  That is the reason I wanted to offer all these services by talking with one person. Our Brides have said how much easier it has been to have one person in charge of seeing that she got everything she planned and how much nicer it was to be able to make one call and be able to have every question answered instead of having to call several people.

If there is a wedding day postponement, depending on the dates, deposits may be transferable, under some conditions. If there is a cancellation for any reason, any money already paid will be lost.  There may be a balance due for services rendered but not yet paid.

We have many pieces that may be rented. There are several sizes of Tables, Tablecloths to fit our tables, Colored Toppers (if I don’t have your color, I can get it), Chairs, Chair Covers, Sashes, Chafing Dishes, Cut Glass Decanters, Cake Plates, Victorian Epergnes, Victorian Silver Serving Pieces, Silver trays and containers, Cut Glass containers, etc. Plates, Glasses, Utensils, Wine Glasses, Martini Glasses, Pedestals and much more. We provide the set up and break down which is already included in our rentals prices.

We are happy to allow wine, beer and alcoholic beverages. We also provide bartenders for the occasion. You are welcome to bring any alcoholic beverages you choose since I do not have a license for liquor.  In extreme cases, we would reserve the right to take action if a guest is out of order or is behaving in a destructive manner; destructive to any person or property, verbally or physically.

$300 deposit holds your date and is later applied to your wedding total.
As the planning begins, $600 is due.
2 months prior to the date half the estimated balance is due.
1 month prior to the date the remaining balance is due.
There is a $200 damage deposit that will be added into the balance.
The damage deposit will be refunded within 2 weeks after the wedding when the property is able to be inspected in daylight with no damage found.  This also will cover any extra last minute items ordered which were not yet paid.

Let me know if A Bride Idea can help you on your wedding day.  We are friendly, hospitable and easy to work with, keeping only your desires as our goal.  Our brides tell of how easy, helpful and accommodating we are to work with.  Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to speak with me.  References are available upon request. I look forward to hearing from you.

And, again, Congratulations and Blessings! I am looking forward to speaking with you and talking with you about your specially designed wedding!

Love is patient.  Love is kind.  Love never fails.  2 Cor. 13: 4 & 13
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